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Playground Equipment

Partnering with Landscape Structures to offer the most durable, safe and innovative play equipment

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Crab Trap®




Alpha® Tower





Smart Play®



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Inclusive Play

Inclusive playgrounds ensure accessibility and enjoyment for all, accommodating diverse abilities within a single space. Landscape Structure's designs embody 'A Higher Level of Inclusive Play™,' seamlessly integrating equipment, events, and activities to meet diverse needs.

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Nature-Inspired Play

In a city where access to green spaces is limited, creating a nature-inspired play can foster a greater connection between kids and the natural world. Landscape Structure's playground collection inspired by nature is perfect for creating outdoor play areas. It blends the excitement and fascination of nature with the durability, safety, and easy upkeep of top-notch play equipment.

Custom/Themed Play

Discover the magic of play with our skilled playground designers who can turn your vision into reality. Create unique and innovative custom playgrounds to promote imaginative play that will bring about a memorable and magical play experience.

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By Age Group

Playground for different age groups

Landscape Structures' playgrounds are designed for specific age groups, offering inclusive, captivating, and safe play experiences that contribute to the overall development of children spanning different age brackets.

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6 to 23 months

Web_Presentation-WI - Roberta Park - 131.jpg

2 to 5-years-old

TX - Ward County Event Center - 139.jpg

5 to 12-year-old

MN - Shoreview Commons Destination Playground - 103.jpg

13 & above

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