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Materials Matter

Materials Matter

The quality of playground equipment is largely affected by the materials it is made with, determining its long-lasting capabilities and its safety aspects. Playground equipment built with sturdy materials can withstand heavy usage and will not fall apart easily, retaining its form and beauty, and making the playground enjoyable for all its users.

Landscape structures use only the best materials and innovative features because they build their playground products to last. From exclusive compression clamps that keep fingers and clothing safe to tunnel slide designs that eliminate pinched fingers, Landscape Structures assures safety and durability in all their equipment.

Our Materials

green swirly monkey bar with a young boy climbing over it
A boy hugging a concrete playground statue of a grizzly bear
a blue alpine slide with a girl teenager sliding

Galvanized Steel

Glass Fiber Reinforced

Concrete (GFRC)



a girl climbing a blue swirly pole

ProShield® Finish

Anodized Aluminum climber

Anodized Aluminum

playground panel that looks like realistic wood

Recycled Plastic Lumber

Silver chain

ProGuard™ Finish

close up of a black playground climbing cable
a young boy sliding down a steel slide

Steel-Reinforced Climbing



Textured-Polyester Resin Handgrips

Textured-Polyester Resin Handgrips and Footholds

a grey playground handle

TenderTuff™ Coating

a close up of a child crawling on a net bed

LSI Flexx™

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