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Part of the Freestanding Play Equipment line, Alpha® Towers provide a secure way for children to explore elevated heights. Featuring multiple climbing options leading to 4’ and 8’ levels on both towers, kids can ascend to the fully enclosed 12’ deck within the largest tower. Descending back to the ground is an exciting journey via two enjoyable slides—the Double Swoosh Slide® and the WhooshWinder® Slide. The play structure's contemporary patina, combined with the funky geometric design and Hot Dip Galvanized (HDG) steel frame, transforms any playspace into a sought-after playground.

Children will delight in discovering unique lookout spots, while shaded areas inside offer spaces for relaxation and socializing. For added convenience, parents and supervisors can appreciate the perforated and slotted panels that provide clear sightlines.

Landscape Structures Alpha® Towers

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