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Playground Surfacing

Selecting the ideal playground surfacing is key for a safe play area. Opting for shock-absorbing solutions is crucial to protect children from accidents and severe injuries. Prioritize sustainable options to contribute to environmental protection, ensuring a safer future for both kids and the planet. Make informed choices for a secure and eco-friendly play space that promotes both child safety and environmental well-being.

Choosing the right surface

Corkeen by Amorim

Corkeen Play is a retained fall protection system for playgrounds made from cork. It has two cork layers, a flexible base layer, and a firm top layer. This means that the coating will maintain its characteristics even after years of use, protecting against falls.

Cork is a completely natural material without toxins, microplastics or endocrine disruptors, unlike materials made of plastics or oil. Compared with rubber, cork is also a very light material, which means that Corkeen Play can be applied to surfaces where weight is an important factor.

Other advantages of cork are that it smells less than rubber-based surfaces and the surface does not get as warm as rubber systems, even on hot days. Corkeen Play is also highly porous, allowing water to drain quickly.

EPDM Rubber Flooring - EcoTurf®

EcoTurf is the latest development in the line of safe and versatile surfacing material. Using a combination of EPDM polyurethane granules, and recycled black SBR rubber granules, EcoTurf is a cost-effective and versatile solution, which allow almost any material.


From playgrounds and jogging tracks, to industrial flooring, EcoTurf allow users to create unique and innovative floor designs. It is durable, fire and slip-resistant, and virtually maintenance-free. 

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Choose the right playground surfacing with Retro-Max

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