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Corkeen by Amorim

The world's largest cork producer.


Corkeen is synonymous with playgrounds with a mission: to create safer and more inclusive playgrounds for children while contributing to a better planet. Because the future is now.

The cork in Corkeen Play comes from Portuguese cork oaks, forests’ own environmental heroes. Cork oaks can live for centuries. This is because cork oaks are not felled when cork is stripped. Instead, their bark is peeled off every nine years and then the bark regenerates itself again. Harvests are healthy for these trees, and cork is a pure miracle material from an environmental point of view. Around cork oaks, a unique biodiversity is thriving, and cork oaks capture large amounts of carbon dioxide.

The Corkeen system has a negative carbon balance. It reaches carbon sequestration of up to -102 kg CO2eq/m2.

Corkeen uses what is leftover from other types of cork production and use the material on our surfaces. In this way, Corkeen can reduce waste in cork production. In addition, when a Corkeen surface is eventually to be replaced, a large part of the material can be recycled into new surfaces.

For more information, please visit Corkeen Play here.

A man wearing a white t-shirt harvesting the bark off a cork oak tree
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