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Retro-Max donates a nature-inspired playground to the community

Updated: Jan 8

In a heartwarming gesture, Retro-Max has recently donated a nature-inspired playground to the vibrant community of Hougang Avenue 6, marking a pioneering move as the first supplier to donate a playground to a Town Council in Singapore.

A playground that is nature-inspired with a tree house structure supported by a realistic tree trunk sculpture with a green slide and green posts

With over 25 years in the playground business, Retro-Max, in collaboration with Landscape Structures, has been creating engaging and enjoyable play spaces in Singapore, prioritizing inclusivity and safety.

This year, Retro-Max proudly donated a playground to the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) as part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility and underscores Retro-Max's dedication to uplifting communities and fostering a sense of togetherness.

The nature-inspired playground

Playground inspired by a treehouse with a realistic tree trunk and a large green slide. There are families and younch children playing on the playground that is located in Hougang Avenue 6.

This unique nature-inspired playground design reflects Retro-Max’s commitment to creating immersive environments that spark creativity and connection. The structure is designed to look like a tree house supported by a tree trunk that is made with Glass-Fibre Reinforced Concrete, and has been hand-crafted to look and feel realistic. Other GFRC components that add a realistic flare to the nature-inspired playground include Log Steppers and 3D animal sculptures dispersed around the site. 

The playground, nestled in the heart of Hougang Avenue 6, aims to enhance the surrounding area and provide a space where families can immerse themselves in nature despite the urban setting. It embodies Retro-Max's dedication to blending playfulness with purpose. As a playground supplier with a quarter-century experience, we believe every child deserves a safe and vibrant space to explore, learn, and grow.

3 ladies, 4 men and 1 young girl posing in front of a green playground signage at Hougang Avenue 6.

On 30 December 2023, residents of Hougang Avenue 6 gathered at the playground officially open and celebrate the new playground with Retro-Max and Mr. Gerald Giam, the MP for Aljunied GRC Bedok Reservoir - Punggol Division and Vice Chairman of the AHTC.

About Landscape Structures

Retro-Max commenced its operations and committed itself to building inspiring playgrounds since 1998, partnering with the world-renowned playground equipment manufacturer Landscape Structures. 

Founded by the visionary duo Steve and Barb King in 1971, Landscape Structures began as a dream to elevate play. Steve King envisioned creating a continuous play playground where kids could play in one structure without ever having to touch the ground. 

Through the years, Landscape Structure has led the play industry by designing creative, innovative, and inclusive playgrounds built with the highest-quality materials that are long-lasting, sturdy, and require low maintenance. Breaking down barriers, Landscape Structures designs playground equipment that invites people of all ages and abilities to join in the fun, allowing parents to play together with their kids. For example, Landscape Structures playground decks are made wide enough for adults to accompany their kids, as well as sturdy enough to hold their weight!


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